Adventure Diving Services of Cape Cod

Dry and Wet Suit Repair

For your sailing, scuba diving, surfing, kayaking & fishing repair needs

We are specially trained in the repair of dry suits, waders, and wet suits.

We provide the best in quality materials, maintenance, and meticulous repair.

We use the highest quality latex and neoprene replacement seals.

We replace seals for wrists, neck, ankles and socks.

We repair tears, punctures and seams.

We provide leak testing.

We provide zipper and dry suit valve repairs and replacements.

You'll be impressed with our quick and efficient turn-around time.

Trader discounts are available.

  • Dry & Wet Suit Repair
  • Dry & Wet Suit Repair
  • Dry & Wet Suit Repair
  • Dry & Wet Suit Repair

Our Services

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Equipment Inspection and Repair

Scuba Diving Certificate

Specialty Courses

Dive Rescue

Leadership Courses

Advanced Diver Instruction

Scuba Refresher Classes

Small Group discount prices available

Bob Peck and staff welcome everyone for a safe, enjoyable, and refreshing experience scuba diving!
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